Re-launch of BRAIN INJURY

(Click the cover to view the full spread)

(Click the cover to view the full spread)

Alan J Cooper's first book, BRAIN INJURY, was re-launched in soft-cover and e-book formats, on November 17 2015, in Toronto.

The ISBN for the soft-cover, available now, is 978-1-55096-482-0. The price is $22.95 CDN / $18.95 U.S.

The electronic formats are available December 1st 2015. The ISBNs are : 978-1-55096-483-7 (epub); 978-1-55096-484-4 (mobi); 978-1-55096-485-1 (pdf). The price is $8.99 CDN/$7.99 U.S. 



by Alan J Cooper is available in hard copy and E-book form at:



by Alan J Cooper
is available in hard copy and E-book form at:


Alan J Cooper of Toronto embarked on a writing career after being struck by an impaired driver and incurring a severe brain injury. His articles on spiritual issues have appeared in Canadian journals, as well as Toronto’s national newspaper the Globe and Mail. His first book, Brain Injury, was released to great acclaim in 2006.

Mr. Cooper holds five degrees from the University of Toronto, including a Master of Religious Education and a Master of Education.



A Novel about Spirituality,
Religion, and Politics

ISBN 978-1-55096-358-8
$29.95 CAN / $26.95 US
E-book $8.99 CAN / $7.19 US


Alan J Cooper considers our nature and culture by looking at power and conflict in people’s action, and through his erudite interpretation of emotional and intellectual tensions in society, he explores the nature of “belief”...


By way of the book’s diary-style entries we follow the protagonist, a vibrant French Canadian, Chantelle, who promotes a spirituality based on principles and not traditional dogma.

Embracing her activism she moves across the U.S. and Canada, engaging the complex ideologies that shape politics, religion, and spirituality, as she tries to balance her rocky romance with an aspiring half-Jewish architect while continuing her embrace with activism, and a connection to a New York organization with a hate-based agenda kept secret from her.

But while Chantelle’s spirituality roots her beliefs, we see the “religious” more frequently lean toward evil over good...

The Second is a work of profound and moving secular spirituality that touches all the markers of religion, a modern-day American Gothic in which the novel’s characters ultimately confront their individual identities through the realization of just how hard it is to make belief believable.

“This story looks at how religious and spiritual thoughts affect deeds in today’s society... Today, religion is often dismissed as having lost much of its relevance, yet religion or the interpretation thereof remains, especially in the United States of America, pivotal to the shaping of media communications, political policy and public sentiment. The real substance of any religion is the summation of thoughts and ideals. Whether those ideals emanate in earnest from an intrinsic spirituality, or instead grow into a dogma governing socially acceptable behavior while camouflaging materialism and the manipulation of power, remains an open question.”

From the Foreword by Douglas H. Hopp, DVM, DipCompMed, CD, MMW


“Alan Cooper has captured, through the unique medium of fiction, the multi-dimensional issues facing any attempt to expose differences between spirituality and religion. As a lawyer, I can speak to the potential for unfairness when societal values get twisted into legal or political decisions. The Second should accordingly be mandatory reading for anyone wishing to broaden those values.”

Anne Calverley, Q.C.